Thanks to the many players who have offered to play as keeners when teams are short players. 

Keeners are entered into a weekly prize draw.

Week 5’s prize winners are:
Keener draw: Kate Noyce - $20 Silver City Gift certificate
Keener draw: David Wong - Nike Soccer ball and Champions League trading cards
Coach Prize: Mike Synnuck - $20 Starbucks Gift Card

Please drop by the concession Monday – Thursday, 6 – 8 p.m. to pick up your prizes!

Game Schedule
Weeks 1 to 6 of our schedule are now available here: Click Here

A reminder that we release our schedule in stages as we review games to ensure that older teams have the best match ups, and the chance to play teams of similar skill level. 

With this in mind, you will find that some games feature boys vs girls teams…  it gives teams a wider group of opponents to play, and seems to be a favourite for some of our older teams.

Keeners needed – If your player (U11 and above) is interested in playing some extra games, please sign up for our keeners list be e-mailing  We’ll contact you if a team is short on players and needs your help.

If your player can’t make a game, please drop us an e-mail at so we can determine if we need to bring in extra players.